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Puddings: Basic Vintage Recipes for Baked and Steamed Puddings From Scratch

Puddings today are a bit different from the puddings of days of old.  These vintage puddings are bready and warm and scrumptious, perfect for the winter season.

Pudding Recipes in this article include:

  • Cottage Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Fruit Pudding, Ginger Pudding, Suet Pudding, Plum Pudding, Steamed Dumplings

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Vintage Valentine Luncheon, Bridge or Tea, and Dinner Menu Ideas

Valentines day is a time to celebrate with your love, of course, but getting together with friends is just as fun.  In vintage times, Valentine’s Day lunches and dinners were popular, as was Valentines Bridge or Tea get together.  This post provides you with 4 Vintage Valentine Lunch menus, 2 Vintage Valentine Bridge or Tea menus, and 1 Vintage Valentine Dinner Menu.

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