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It's a Messy Hair Whatever Kind of Day

Woke up this morning after a beautiful night's sleep. Not always easy to get those. It didn't hurt that I got snuggled with in a big way.  So there was a smile on my face for sure when I woke up.  The world was sunny, but not too sunny.  The weather was the kind that doesn't demand anything in particular to be worn, you could t-shirt it or sweater it, decide on a skirt or jeans, sport some shoes or go barefoot, whatever. There was a natural calm in the air.  It was one of those Sundays that are perfectly soft.  Where neighborhood sounds are a pleasure through open windows.  Where brunch is a must.  Where your hair doesn't need to be brushed, and should, in fact get tousled, and the earlier the better.

Sunday morning isn't usually computer time, but I thought I'd browse around and see what people might be doing.  Aya woke before dawn this morning and had a wonderful breakfast of grapes with her son.  Yes, grapes would be good this morning.  Sweet and tart, juicy and bite-sized, and best of all they could be eaten one at a time or silly chipmunk style.

Eating my red Sunday grapes, I was reminded of something a friend of mine said about love.  "Love is as love does. In our best moments, we are loving. Love can be most anything. Be yourself. You are love."  Something to think about today, in your favorite pile of leaves.

Here's to hoping your day was a messy hair, love and grapes and whatever kind of day.