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Learn to Dance in the Rain

Life is short.  It's up to us to live it, and to enjoy living it, at least as much as possible.  In that short life, not every day is going to go well.  There will be snafus and problems at every turn; for some seemingly more than others.  Yes, there will be all kinds of things raining on our parade.  It can be hard to take.

We could have a totally positive attitude in ourselves about something, be totally excited, and still find that there are situations or people that get us frustrated or angry.  That make us think that the cards are stacked against us or that the universe is trying to tell us something that we don't want to hear.  We think that our inside attitude can stop the negatives from happening in our lives, can make things run smoother, can keep that smile we want so much on our face.  When our attitude can't accomplish this, when thunder and lightning strike,  we tend to want to give up and wait for the storm to pass while immersing ourselves in our emotions.


There's more to an attitude than just the attitude in our head.  There's an active positive attitude that we can wear via our bodies.  It's the attitude that compels us to move forward to keep living, the same way our hearts keep beating. That's the attitude that can make the difference.  It's the difference between letting life pass us by and dancing in the rain, doing what we set out to accomplish, no matter what, however big or little of a thing that might be. 

What if, instead of staring out the window, feeling defeat while sitting idly by, blaming ourselves for not having a strong enough attitude, we took a different approach?  What if we slid on our rain boots and stepped out into the rain?  What if we actually moved?  What if we let our hips sway side to side?  Tapped our rain-booted toes in the splotchy puddles.  Twirled around with our arms wide.  What if we just kept going?  What if we danced in the rain?

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