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Life Isn't Simple - Do Overs Available For Free

A couple of years ago I read Alacia Besset’s Simply from Scratch, and jotted down a quote:

“Life isn’t simple.  But the beauty of it is, you can always start over.  It’ll get easier.”

I’ve kept that quote posted on my white board for a little inspiration on those awful days we get from time to time, the ones that are overwhelming.  Over time, the more I thought about her quote, the more I realized something I knew all along – that while life isn’t simple it does and always will have a lot of opportunities for “do overs.”

For those of you who missed this book when it first came out, the central plot revolved around life’s surprises in the small and large unexpected ways people make a difference in the lives of others and even their own, by simply choosing a “do over” on life’s problems. 

The main character, Zell Roy oozes in her enduring strength when her husband unexpectedly dies during post Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans.  As she struggles to reinvent and start over her life, her simply from scratch approach is a reminder to all of us — that anything is possible and that “do overs” are available for free — all we have to do is rework our recipe for life in ways that let us know that while life isn’t simple, it’s really about perfecting your personal recipe box filled with what does work and letting go of what doesn’t.

I’m old enough to look back and see all the many times I thought my world was shattered beyond repair only to later find out that what evolved afterwards was so much better - better recipes for living come from surviving and thriving despite the roller-coaster ride of simply life and it’s realities.

Today, I look up at that faded quote on my white board of inspirations and state with confidence “do overs” are the best, just like left over curry or a really good winter stew that as the dish cools and sits, all the different flavors and aromas have melted together and somehow miraculously become mellow in perfection.  The flavors of a life well-lived is mellow perfection, served with a whole lot of satisfaction.