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black friday comes on

like a tattoo a brand you can’t shake

tb a constant

year ending cough the upper

regions of the land of atm


holiday training

schools’ fee served prepped an’ amped you

a beat-up camera-

ready cheerleader…& go! 

wharmart-wharmart that’s our plan


if whar can’t do It

target can that’s our plan if

gap can’t do It ol’

navy can all the mauls’ best

buys surprise for your daughter


marianna a

thirteen ‘cause what’s nativ’ty

without It a cold

vapidity worth only

love and sharing who cares ‘bout


haute bargains n’more

as papa’s papa whittled

a hobby horse a

doll house issued from gifted

hands cloved oranges fashioned


in knitted stockings

a schooner in glass and the

ask of how!? sooner

you’d eat dead fruitcake than miss

the door buster headed for


the gotta-get-It-


kiosk cologn’ry-

perfum’ry like evil twins

set to destroy natural


essence but…you know

yes you go 3rd. guessing like 

a cowed groom altered

to what you been tolded the

latest dance craze at the same


tunes aye-aye minion

for captain blight outa-mind

outa-sight ‘til next

january’s shockcard trans-



another mug of

mammoneggnogg switching-off

gallipavo for

ham an’ duck pining the friends’

family trees gay cellophaned


sweet dusted fingers

can we eat the wrapping too

when getting into

the everybody nice to

everybody else to a


point season was all-

ways the easy point…drive for

different stuff toys malls

decked in the halls like ‘nother

an i-hop stacked black friday





Honorable Mention, EOL Poetry Contest 2011-2012