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A Bodhisattva’s Last Nature

A Bodhisattva’s last nature:
pour a last diamond into ocean,
he says, and you will see truth.
He is wearing orange robes
and looks rather cartoonish, to
me. After you have released ocean,
he says, smiling,

then you will
be prepared to go into
changes that a Buddha will prepare.
You’re a bit afraid
that you’ve been secularized
and have a hard time being straight-faced.
Will he hit you with a big stick
to teach you lessons of abstinence?
You become a rabbit again,
watching for

a hunter’s glint of
silver, an edge of perfect.
The Bodhisattva does not answer me.
You remember that you’re not nest,
then turn away and
descend into a world of real people,
perfectly impure.

Laura Carter