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Decay Lift

by John Zedolik


The smell of small death rises

            in summer from under some


            live green, gnarling to the low

            sky, from which the blue


            glory will rise to heat and

            the sun’s blinding eye, a drain


            at the zenith where all swirls into,

            even unseen far above—


            —the odor equally invisible, sheer

            fabric tainting the air, flushed from


            the body emptied, yet heavy in bone,

            fur, and organ, rotting as anchor to


            the dirt or hard surface, giving substance

            in stink to yet stirring life until,


            light as space and dry as packaged seed,

            the stench has departed and dissolved into


atmosphere, forgiving in the smells of

flower, soil, or smoke and


rushes up to that vortex to join its sibling

particles in the general going, going, fading, gone