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The music pounded in his head,
a hammer
on fast twitch repeat,
the drum beat
hollow in his chest,
his vision swirled
with melted shades from the lights,
a viral display
that pulsed another color
every second.
Around him
the tribe danced,
spun, flailed,
punched the air;
he stood in the middle
a lost warrior,
as the words floated over him,
snakes of vowels and consonants,
disjointed, uneven,
The crowd moved away
leaving him
in a cocoon
of pyrotechnic smoke.
he held himself, fetal
to the ground,
dust his mother,
twenty thousand rhythmically clapping hands
acting paternal.
When the piano started
he rose to his feet,
a wide-eyed child of the music,
a creation of melody, timbre, tone,
a riff, a beat, a bridge,
a collection of notes
that breathes life
into the wounded
and starts their heart
beating again.

-- Christopher Hivner