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On Patrol

The patrol  officer rides by
As I’m standing in the soup  line
Like I’m headed to purgatory
I  treat  homelessness like a short   sentence
Just do it and get it over with
Sometimes, she patrols without a bike,
Even  without her black shades,  her
 steel  blue eyes  carry authority
I look at her as she  rides  by
 again  and I smile at her,  not to mock her
 authority, but just to imagine If she was
 just a woman
Maybe just riding around in the
Park, showing off her legs
I imagine her wearing her hair down,
 Maybe in a sundress and sandals,long legs
 shiny with suntan oil,  breasts braless  yet tasteful
she rides by me again,  as I wait in line to go to dinner
she looks at me through her dark shades
She’ll never admit it, but she

-- Erren Geraud Kelly