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I am a porous membrane
A region of higher concentration of life
Breathes life into my dried up insides
Today, I absorbed and soaked up, the bleeding colors of the sun,
how it overflowed
like the sunny side of an egg,
when it is carefully cracked,
with a gentle poke.

I breathed in the dusk,
And so, there was a balance.
The now and I have coalesced.
Reaching equilibrium.
A harmonious state
Life is voluminous with possibilities.
Not all of them arrive in brown paper boxes,
Within two weeks after you have pre ordered it online.
The satisfaction within is guaranteed but limiting
It encloses your options within the container,
Never allowing the surroundings to get through.
Warding them off like a taboo.
Holding on tight to what can be and will be.

Thoughts jumbled in a bowl like batter
Your tongue goes numb,
Thinking of the baked cake
Why not try dipping your finger in the batter,
And taste for a mistake.
Wishing and waiting always debating
Hoping for life to unfold and unravel,
A never-ending carpet unrolling a pathway
Stop to run your hands
On the soft trail that you’ve planned,
Feel the smoothness seep through your skin
And with every fleeting moment just breathe it in. 

-- Mariam Paracha