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You didn’t remember my name today,

Though we’ve shared sixty years plus two.

We’ve had our ups and our downs,

And most everything in between,

When we danced, romanced, snuck in a kiss,

When we quarrelled, debated, and hissed.

And yet, you cannot remember my name.


We had children twice over,

And grandchildren times nine.

Countless Christmas trees of pine,

Never ending Easter baskets filled with candy,

How many carved and overindulged turkeys?

Birthday candles too many to even count,

And yet, you cannot remember my name.


I’ve held your hand when you’ve fallen ill,

I’ve wiped your tears of sorrow and fear,

I’ve carried you when you were weak,

And I have loved you every single minute

Of all those many, many years.

I love you still,

And yet, you cannot remember my name.


Once upon a time, I said “I do!”,

And so did you,

But times have changed as

All those hours have seemed to stop

As old age has come our way.

You remind me of this everyday,

As you sit and stare at me in silence,

Your eyes are dull, having lost their glow,

Your body slumps, which once stood tall,

And I’ll remain here through what’s left of it all,

Loving you even more than I did back then,

Even though I sadly know

Tomorrow you will not remember my name. 


— Amye Nicole Bird

Third Place Winner, Eye On Life Poetry Contest 2011-2012