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by Sreyash Sarkar

“O, what a goodly falsehood hath; a goodly apple rotten at the




It's better to have some time to desist

Because it'll start all over again

In the midst of vendible decorated bazaars,

The variegated cooing.

But you'll never stop

Trampling over chattels

And after crushing them,

Walk through rudderless winds.

And while walking, you too will forget

Like everybody else,

The facetious effulgence of champa flowers

The first blooms of jasmine

The plenum of bnoichi fruits

The habits of autumn leaves.

And perhaps the oscillations in the heart of the ocean,

Where only risings exist,

That too will be encased by magical chants

You will whirr; turn only, like all who circumvolve

In this inauspicious time of whirling maelstrom-


After the end of an unwanted winter,

Just like the first working fan, overhead

How life is spinning, and spinning around...