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she just came out and gave me
a hug...
and it left me paralyzed ( in a good way )
and she went away

i tried to look for her
wanted her to find me
wanted every search engine and social
network around to be god
make the stars line up
and make her come my way
cos that hug made me
believe that the pop songs
were true
and that love at first sight isn't b.s.
it does happen

but i never heard from her

i wasn't disappointed

i figured if it was meant to happen
it would have happened

so, you can imagine my shock at
seeing her again


this thrift store girl
who would be sexy in
a designer dress
who would be a hottie
wearing a garbage bag
sitting beside me in
sunday school class
and i looked at her
only i didn't realize at first
it was her
when i did
i realized i didn't care
if this was a dream
or how long it was
going to last
i just wanted her to hug me
(which she did, later )

i didn't care if this was
just another head game
or that the kisses
i imagined her giving me one day
would turn out to be

i'm just glad that god lets things like this
happen to me
and that i can appreciate them

the thrift store girl
with the blue jean
whose walk was full of swag

i'm not a middle of the road person
when i'm happy
i feel like i'm touching god's face
when i'm low
i'm in the toilet

i don't want to grow to love someone

i want it to hit me like an f-150 truck

i want to feel love like i'm caught
by a floyd mayweather right cross
to the eye
and i'm falling happily to the canvas

i want to fall...hard
and see stars

i want to feel love like god's hand touching my soul
and he's finally revealling himself to me
saying, " now, do you you believe?"

cos that's what i felt from
the thrift store girl
whose heels echo my heartbeat
as she's walking away
my blue jean angel

and i'm going W.T.F.....

-- Erren Geraud Kelly