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An UP-Cycled Hat for Earth Day Week-end

Sometimes things are more than the sum of their parts and that is the case with this quite wonderful upcycled hat made from antique English stamps bonded to a vintage hat.  I can see wearing it with jeans or adding zip to a little black dress — and wouldn’t it be terrific with my London Fog raincoat— oops I mean Macintosh:-)


  I found it at Shop Curious, a delightful online emporium which bills itself as the ” online shopping equivalent of slow food”  And so it is.  You should go have a look.  Prices are in pounds sterling,  but with an onine currency converter and a Paypal account at your disposal, you have nothing to worry about—except the shipping— and hey— it’s all about doing your bit to save the planet isn’t it ?

But, back to the hat. Designer Laura Wellington was left the stamps in her grandmother’s will and decided to incorporate them into a series of  ”stampgeek” hats.  This one features green stamps bonded to a genuine vintage fedora. There are a number of others in various styles, colors, and sizes and every single one is uniquely cool !

Check out the Shop Curious website for more information and to order  Happy Earth Day week-end everybody:-)