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Little Boy Sun Hats Grandma Will Love

Seems I just can’t stay away from Etsy— today I found the coolest little boy sun hats there, courtesy of  Michelle Zipp on The Stir.( a tip of my summer sun hat to her).  As Michelle points out, the world is full of cute sun hats for little girls, but boys??? not so much. 

How adorable is this reversible madras railroad hat? Note the big brim for sun protection.

Here’s a madras flat cap, or what ” back in the day” we used to call a ” car cap” beautifully made and totally lined with organic, chemical free cotton— another great choice for grandma’s little prince.

Granny not only loves the look of these hats, she also adores the fact that this is a green, eco friendly cottage industry. Check out the entire line, for boys and girls at worthygoods on Etsy and even if you are not a Grandma, you will see what I mean.