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Lady Gaga and Her Hat Trick With Philip Treacy

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga has asked London based designer and milliner to the stars, Philip Treacy, for an internship because she wants to learn the business, and that he is giving the idea serious consideration.   Turns out she wants to not only wear hats but to learn how to make them too.  Well, I think that is a great idea. She has got the style for sure and presence galore.  Lady Gaga designs a lot of her own ensembles anyway.  But still, I wonder— especially when I look at the picture below of her with Philip, taken at the Universal Brit Awards after party.

Gaga and Treacy

Gaga and Treacy

I think this pic is more hankey pankey than hat and for my money,  The lady is totally in charge of the situation.  Treacy is a brilliant designer,  responsible for implementing  much of Lady Gaga’s fashion “look”, not to mention those fabulous hats she wears.Yes, and  I know they are great pals, but I can’t believe he would want to risk losing one of his best clients by turning her into an intern. Doesn’t seem like a very smart business decision to me— and I can’t exactly see Gaga sitting around the studio cutting up buckram and sewing on sequins either.  But you never know— anything can happen with the multifaceted and multi-talented Lady Gaga.

  She is a real original and a towering talent who has gone from notorious oddity to cultural icon in record time.  If anyone can go from icon to intern and learn how to construct and make her own hats, she’s the one. I wish her well.One thing is for sure. Everybody, but everybody is talking about Lady Gaga and her potential internship with Philip Treacy. Bloggers, magazines, newspapers, fashionistas are all agog. That’s smart marketing and a hat trick that gets a tip of my hat for sure.