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Shopping for A Tinfoil Hat

This is a Guest post by fellow blogger Pam Grundy who not only writes about the paranormal, and other related and various subjects,  at Paranormal Popcorn  and Diary of an Alien Life Form.  All of this takes her mind off the seriousness of running her free lance writing business and finishing the book she is currently working on. 

Pam is a woman of many talents and a writer of many facets. She attributes her creativity, energy and innate fashion sense to finding and wearing just the right tinfoil hat.  It helps to have a sense of humor too:-)



Over the course of the past week, it became suddenly and terrifyingly clear that I was in dire need of an upgraded tin foil hat.

 Here’s why:

 1)    My car radio began turning itself on without human assistance.

2)    My TV decided to continue playing the sound portion of cable news shows even after the cable box was turned completely off.

3)    The channels on my TV started spontaneously changing themselves without altering any of the numbers on the remote display, and…

4)    My air conditioning began working or not working according to a complex algorithm that I think has something to do with the phase of the moon as it relates to the settings on my microwave oven and the number of postage stamps I have on hand at any given moment.

But wait!

According to a recent study conducted by four MIT graduate students, it turns out that tin foil hats actually make it easier for the powers-that-be to read minds. That’s right—tin foil helmets actually amplify the strength of radio signals, especially radio signals transmitted at the frequency most often used by the U.S. government!

 That doesn’t mean we can’t still wear tin foil hats as a fashion statement. I know I want to look my very best when the Men in Black finally show up at my front door, which I’m sure they will, any minute now.

 After all, nothing says, “I’m smart and I’m edgy,” like metal millinery!