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Review - The Portrait of A Lover by John Wheatcroft

Is unrequited love so much better than real love?  Is it destined to be perfect, simply because the traditional view of a love affair never actually began?  Is its perfection found in that it also never ends, leaving the possibility forever open?  John Wheatcroft's "Portrait of a Lover" will ask you those questions and more.

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Chris Reilly Short Stories

Chris has recently published three short stories  in an anthology of writers called, Acoustic Reads compiled by Blacklight Publications, and the topic of our conversation today.  I have long admired Chris' writing; from simple blog posts to feature magazine articles, from a few paragraphs of memoir to full fictional short shorties. He always has a way of bringing out the truth, however small, and laying it out to his readers in an unexpected way that really captivates.

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