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Review - The Portrait of A Lover by John Wheatcroft

Is unrequited love so much better than real love?  Is it destined to be perfect, simply because the traditional view of a love affair never actually began?  Is its perfection found in that it also never ends, leaving the possibility forever open?  John Wheatcroft's "Portrait of a Lover" will ask you those questions and more.

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Book Review - Our Lady of Kaifeng, Part 1, Vol. 1 by Aya Katz

Best historical romance novel of the year.  ​Take a ride in a wheelbarrow with Marah Fallowfield and see a side of Kaifeng, China while author Aya Katz serves up a delightful novel filled with mystery, unrequited love, and history lessons you will never forget.

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Swimming in the Daylight, A Personal and Historical Memoir by Lisa Paul

​If there is anyone out there, that wonders deep in their heart, whether one person can really truly make a difference, I offer them this historical memoir entitled Swimming in the Daylight: An American Student, A Soviet-Jewish Dissident, and the Gift of Hope, by author, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin based attorney Lisa C. Paul​.

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CU@8 Book Review and Interview with Cindy Vine

CU@8 by author Cindy Vine is one of the really charming books now sitting on my book-a-holic shelf of good reads.  This inviting tale of two middle-aged single mothers often reminded me of a pair of modern day Lucy and Ethel’s inventing new horizons in the ultimate helicopter parenting games, shortly after their respective off-spring have flown the coop.  Like some of the I Love Lucy hair-brained schemes, both women in CU@8 are out to rescue their young.  The main character Fenella Fisher, is on a mission to find a good man for her heartbroken daughter after a breakup, a daughter who always seems to pick the wrong kind of guy.  Suki Raminowitz is her best friend and companion in matchmaking crimes, and is the ultimate enabler of her long out-of-control son, who is once again in hot water thanks to his wayward lifestyle.

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Review of: Vacuum County

Every once in a while you read a book that grabs ahold of your soul and takes you on an unexpected journey.  Recently I had the chance to preview a book, Vacuum County by author Aya Katz that not only surprised me, but also made my personal list of books I think a lot of people should be reading. 

This fictional story is filled with assorted subplots, characters, and themes that encompass a cornucopia filled with American small town life realities and hidden truths that are not only relevant and timely to history past, but also living breathing history that a lot of us may vaguely realize is happening every day, but haven’t yet managed to connect the dots, or just are simply too overwhelmed in living our own lives to notice and be alarmed at the implications for all of us.  

Vacuum County takes you into a story line that is intricate and multi-layered.  It’s a feast of messages and themes, such as:

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