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Roberta Kyle

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Roberta Kyle wanders the internet as pinkpackrat, picking up bright shiny nuggets of information and passing them along via her blogs and social media accounts.

She has been writing forever, both for herself and for work, but now is retired and totally absorbed by a life of blogging, procrastination, and not-so- quiet contemplation of the crazy world we live in. 

Roberta can be found on her progressive political soapbox at  Political Packrat and showing her softer, more humerous side at Pinkpackrat@Play. She   kicks  off her shoes and writes  evergreen articles  on Hubpages under the nom de plume of  robie2

Here at Eye on Life Magazine, she has dug down into facts and fantasies regarding the making, wearing, history and general trivia  of hats, and while she is no longer writing here at Eye on Life, her fashion contributions can still be found in our archives of A Hat for All Seasons