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Tom Rubenoff

tom rubenoff poetry locksmith portrait.jpg

Poetry Editor from October 2009 through May 2015. 

Tom is a published poet, but more importantly, he sees the world with the eye of the poet, finding symbolism everywhere and in all language the potential to be more than it is.  In addition to poetry, he has published humor and nonfiction in several publications. 

“Poetry is a way of life, a philosophy: a way of looking at the universe.” 

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communications from Northeastern University and has conducted poetry and writing workshops at the elementary school and continuing education levels. 

Poetry by Tom Rubenoff can be found by Google search online.  His poems have been published in the journal Bear Creek Haiku and in the anthology, A Time of TrialGrand Prize Winner, HubPatron of the Arts writing contest, poetry division, 2011.  Contributing writer for Doors and Hardware magazine. 

Visit Tom’s blog:  tomrubenoff.wordpress.com

Email Tom:  trubenoff@gmail.com

While at Eye On Life, Tom oversaw the The Poetry Locksmith and Poetry Unlocked pages.