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Apricot Glazed Pork Roast

Apricot glazed pork roast is what to serve. This is truly the best, and most memorable recipe for roasted pork tenderloin. While apricot glaze is fairly easy to make, it is one of those recipes that can be honed to one's own tastes and textures and therefor is, to me, a creative outlet and relaxing experience for those going into the process with no fear.

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Perfect for Fall Broiled Organic Grass Fed Beef Burgers

Once the weather turns, and the evenings begin to turn crisp, our bodies tend to crave and need just a bit more in the way of heartiness than a regular burger and fries can offer us.​  Organic grass fed beef burgers is the best way to go during the colder seasons for its hearty density, the fact that it is much more filling, and because its fat is of healthier quality (especially when rack broiled).

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