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Cake Project: High-Fat Honey Almond Flour Cake Recipe

My close friend Aya Katz, is having some ladies over for a group meeting, so it’s her turn to serve some goodies. Her diet is a bit specific, so since she would prefer not to alter her current dietary foods, we thought why not make a specialty cake. There must be a perfect recipe online for a cake that is high in fats and uses only animal based products and byproducts, and which does not require egg whites (with a bit of a treat using almond flour because of it’s high fat content). Easy peasy, right? Um, no, we were a bit wrong.

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Farm to Table Breakfast at Los Poblanos Historic Inn

I always thought I'd have to go back to the Inns that make their homes in the countrysides of England and Ireland to get the kind of ambiance at breakfast that spoke of simple, early 20th century charm, with beamed ceilings and white walls with beautiful little pictures in tidy frames, french doors and windows, lined up tables overlooking delicate gardens and walking paths; a place that has heard whispers of relaxed conversation, and the tinking of little spoons in cups of tea or coffee.

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Apricot Glazed Pork Roast

Apricot glazed pork roast is what to serve. This is truly the best, and most memorable recipe for roasted pork tenderloin. While apricot glaze is fairly easy to make, it is one of those recipes that can be honed to one's own tastes and textures and therefor is, to me, a creative outlet and relaxing experience for those going into the process with no fear.

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Perfect for Fall Broiled Organic Grass Fed Beef Burgers

Once the weather turns, and the evenings begin to turn crisp, our bodies tend to crave and need just a bit more in the way of heartiness than a regular burger and fries can offer us.​  Organic grass fed beef burgers is the best way to go during the colder seasons for its hearty density, the fact that it is much more filling, and because its fat is of healthier quality (especially when rack broiled).

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Vintage to Modern Homemade Salad Dressings for Health and Thrift

Here are some of my favorite salad dressings, created and tested over time in our family’s kitchens.

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Baking Temperatures for Pies and Pastries

Here you’ll find temperatures in Fahrenheit and their Celsius conversions as well as cook times for 11 types of pies/shells:

- Mirangue pies
- Apple or any double-crust pie with raw filling
- Custard, Pumpkin, or open pies
- Open cross-cut and “fruit deep” pies
- Double crust pie with pre-cooked filling
- Open pies with soufflé filling
- Pastry straws
- Pie shells
- Puff pastry
- Tart shells
- Turnovers.

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Vintage Pies and Pastry Recipes

In this post, you’ll find a lovely variety of adapted vintage recipes, rules, and “how to”s for making pie crusts and pastries to make from scratch.  Included in this article are:

General Rules for Making Pastry,
Plain Pastry,
Double Crust Pies,
One Crust Pies,
Pastry Shells, and
Fruit Deep Pies.

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Bouillon Served Hot or Cold, Use As a Base or for Detox

Bouillon is a terrific base to so many soups and jellies, and can be enjoyed year round as it can be served hot or cold).  Additions can include fish, seafood, vegetables, even fruit. Here you’ll find a simple, vintage, beef bouillon recipe and one for tomato bouillon.

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