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Big Hats and Marc Jacobs at NYC Fall Fashion Week 2012

The big hat is the big buzz at New York’s Fall fashion Week this year.  Tuesday, Marc Jacobs ’ Valentines Day runway show set them all talking about the huge hats, lavish use of fur, and a look that is a cross between Victorian valentine and urban grunge. It’s a whimsical combination of Captian Hook and Anna Karenina and it totally works.

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What Is Up With British Royalty And Their Hats?

No sooner do we get over the brouhaha of the hats of the Royal Wedding (the shocking chapeau of Princess Beatrice in particular), then The Duchess of Cornwall, and the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge, (aka Camilla and Kate) are caught posing in a pair of over the top toppers on the occasion of the annual Garter Ceremony this past Monday.  Check them out!

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Hats of The Royal Wedding

The world watched Kate Middleton wed Prince William this morning and so did I. I was all tucked up at 5am this morning in front of my flat screen TV, laptop by my side,  and I loved every minute.  I knew that as soon as the first pix appeared on the internet of the hats of the wedding guests appeared, I was going to gather them up for a blog post  so here we go with my faves.

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Kate Middleton and Her Fascinating Fascinator

The oohs and ahs were  not just for her fashion sense and royal aplomb ( thought both were impressive).  Ahhhh no— the  real kudos were reserved for her hat— a cunning little ” fascinator” perched at a jaunty angle atop chestnut hair.  It really looked beautiful and was ( to coin a phrase) the crowning touch.  I know we are soon going to be seeing a lot of these fascinators everywhere, and that is definitely a good thing….. just one more sign that hats are back in a big way.

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Fab Fifties Hat Photos By Henry Clarke

Henry Clarke photographed the best of Fifties fashion for a variety of publications including Harpers Bazaar and Vogue ( French, British, and American editions). A transplanted American who lived and worked in France, his fashion photography of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, particularly for French Vogue, chronicled the post WWII era in women’s fashion on both sides of the Atlantic with unmatched style and verve.

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Naked With Hats At London Fashion Week

Upmarket wig and hat designer, Charlie Le Mindu, created quite a stir recently at London Fashion Week by concentrating on big hats and no clothes.  That’s right. Charlie sent his models down the runway wearing nothing but shoes, hats and a pouty face.  Now I am a hat fan, but I really found this one a bit over the top.

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